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(eh-kuhm hun-duhl)

hi! I'm a multi-disciplinary artist based in Nottingham, specialising in sculpture, installation, yarn-based mediums analogue film & photography

the stuff I like to explore varies from personal topics such as my mental health and culture as a British-born Punjabi woman, to more fluid and open topics such as spirituality and word-play

alongside my practice, I also run a crochet brand, by ekky! , where I design and create accessories inspired by all things wonky

I've studied at:

UAL: CSM - Fine Art Foundation

University of Brighton - Fine Art: Sculpture

I've interned for:

Fisher Gate Point, FlyGirl & Wigflex

and have worked at:

LeftLion Magazine

some of my work has been featured in:

RA Magazine, Mixmag, LeftLion

my exhibitions and residencies include:

'RE:' - group show, All Saints Church Hove 2018

'Age of: Exploration' - group show, CCA Brighton 2019

'LungA Festival' - 2 week residency, Seyðisfjörður Iceland 2019

'V0ID' - alternative graduate group show, Phoenix Gallery Brighton 2021

'KITA' - group show, Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft Bristol 2022

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