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'2020 wrap up!'

a compilation of some of 2020's hottest moments

filmed on sony and jvc mini-dv handycams

track ID: Air Freshner - Tom & Jerry

'Cyphon + Obzerv'

4 hand embroidered stills of a filmed live synth set featuring electronic artists Cyphon and Obzerv in a looping animation

210mm x 297mm, 2020

'present' (working title)

final year degree show film as part of a 3D rendering of an installation - featuring some mundane imagery and a personal 'monologue'

filmed on a sony mini-dv handycam, 2020

'negative markings'

a visual interpretation of Marcel Broekman's "The Complete Encyclopaedia of Practical Palmistry"

filmed on a sony mini-dv handycam, 2019 - 2020

'word therapy'

photographic series of profound phrases, written on whatever piece of writeable media was available at the time

shot on 35mm, 2019

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